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Proofing Basket Round 1kg Custom Artisan Edition

REA-pris199 SEK

Proofing Basket Round 1kg Custom Artisan Edition is handcrafted from natural rattan and includes a removable durable cotton liner. This banneton is ideal for supporting your dough during proofing, ensuring beautifully shaped and delicious bread. We have created and perfected this new round shape of the proofing basket over a long period to give us the round aesthetic boules that you see on our medias. 

- Shape: Oval custom made with our favorite "V" shape
- Size: 25 diameter, 9 cm high 
- Capacity: Suitable for dough weight of 1kg (or 800-1200g)
- Material: Natural rattan, biodegradable and durable
- Includes: Removable cotton/linen liner

The size is designed for 1000g of dough and fits perfectly with our standard recipes that you will find here on our page and our youtube channel. The proofing basket provides essential support for your dough during proofing, ensuring it achieves the right shape during cold proof.

The liner can be washed at 30 degrees delicate wash. Do not tumble dry. Dust the banneton liner with a light layer of rice flour before use to prevent the dough from sticking. Wash the liner only as needed, and allow the banneton and liner to dry on the kitchen counter after each use to prevent molding.