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Extra Blades for Bread Lames 5 pcs

Sale price48 SEK

Upgrade your bread scoring experience with our Extra Blades for Bread Lames. This box includes 5 top-grade stainless steel razor blades, ensuring sharpness and precision in every cut.

Designed specifically for our bread lames, these high-quality blades provide excellent scoring results. Whether you're a professional baker or a passionate home baker, having extra blades on hand ensures uninterrupted baking sessions.

Crafted with durability in mind, our stainless steel blades offer long-lasting performance and superior sharpness. Effortlessly achieve the perfect scoring patterns on your bread loaves, enhancing their visual appeal and allowing for optimal oven spring.

Elevate your baking skills and create beautifully scored artisanal bread that will impress both your family and friends. Visit our website to explore more of our premium baking tools and accessories to support your culinary journey.

Extra Blades for Bread Lames 5 pcs
Extra Blades for Bread Lames 5 pcs Sale price48 SEK