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Baking tools

Baking Equipment

Welcome to our comprehensive collection of artisan bread-baking tools! We believe that making sourdough bread from scratch is an art that requires the right tools to perfect, which is why we curated a special collection with you in mind. We have everything you need to become a master baker.

Investing in high-quality baking tools not only ensures better results but also makes the entire baking process more enjoyable. So why settle for anything less? Explore our collection today and take your baking to the next level!

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Product type
MyWeight KD-8000 (Digital Scale w/ Bakers Percent)MyWeight KD-8000 (Digital Scale w/ Bakers Percent)
Dough ScraperDough Scraper
Dough Scraper Sale price40 SEK
Baking SteelBaking Steel
Baking Steel Sale price753 SEK
Bread and Pizza PeelBread and Pizza Peel
Bread and Pizza Peel Sale price235 SEK
Flour Bench BrushFlour Bench Brush
Flour Bench Brush Sale price282 SEK
Bread Pan (Rugbrødsform)Bread Pan (Rugbrødsform)
Bread Pan (Rugbrødsform) Sale price345 SEK
Dough ScraperDough Scraper
Dough Scraper Sale price125 SEK
Heat Resistant GlovesHeat Resistant Gloves
Heat Resistant Gloves Sale price392 SEK
Canelé copper moldCanelé copper mold
Canelé copper mold Sale price203 SEK
Soft Pastry BrushSoft Pastry Brush
Soft Pastry Brush Sale price158 SEK
Brush for Proofing BasketsBrush for Proofing Baskets
Brush for Proofing Baskets Sale price235 SEK
Simpel Sourdough Bread Bag (Limited Edition)Simpel Sourdough Bread Bag (Limited Edition)
Golden Straw HandcraftedGolden Straw Handcrafted
Golden Straw Handcrafted Sale price219 SEK
Hanna Bread and Dough pH-meterHanna Bread and Dough pH-meter
Hanna Bread and Dough pH-meter Sale price1 884 SEK
Gift card to Simpel Sourdough 300 DKKGift card to Simpel Sourdough 300 DKK
Handcrafted box for Bread Lames and Bench KnivesHandcrafted box for Bread Lames and Bench Knives
Panettone and Pasta Madre e-book by Simpel SourdoughPanettone and Pasta Madre e-book by Simpel Sourdough
Baking Steel & Bread Peel SetBaking Steel & Bread Peel Set
Bread ThermometerBread Thermometer
Bread Thermometer Sale price219 SEK
Panettone mold (10x pieces)
Panettone mold (10x pieces) Sale price150 SEK
Save 19%Panettone 10kg - Tipo “00” Manitoba
Panettone 10kg - Tipo “00” Manitoba Sale price393 SEK Regular price487 SEK
Bread Lame Decoration WalnutBread Lame Decoration Walnut
Sold outProofing Basket Oval 1kg Custom Artisan Edition
Sold outProofing Basket Round 1kg Custom Artisan EditionProofing Basket Round 1kg Custom Artisan Edition