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Mariager Sydesalt (Local Handmade Seasalt)

Sale price95 SEK

Mariager Sydesalt (200g), sourced from our local treasure, the Mariager SaltCenter. This artisanal salt is a testament to pure, natural goodness, handcrafted without any artificial additives. Embrace a healthier alternative that offers an abundance of minerals, surpassing industrially produced salts.

Within the bag, you'll discover light, crisp, and juicy salt crystals, perfect for elevating your sourdough baking and culinary creations. Mariager Sydesalt not only provides the essential sodium chloride but also boasts an impressive array of minerals, including magnesium, calcium, potassium, and sulphate, enhancing the flavor and nutritional profile of your dishes.

By choosing Mariager Sydesalt, you support sustainable practices and local craftsmanship. Experience the pure taste of nature, and unlock the hidden depths of flavor in your recipes.

Embrace the mineral-rich handmade seasalt and explore our website for a range of premium ingredients and culinary inspirations. Elevate your cooking and baking with the natural wonders of Mariager SaltCenter, where taste meets tradition.

Mariager Sydesalt (Local Handmade Seasalt)
Mariager Sydesalt (Local Handmade Seasalt) Sale price95 SEK