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Artisan Bread Knife Walnut

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Unique Handcrafted Artisan Bread Knife in Oak Wood
A collaboration between SIMPEL x Kjolhede Crafts.

Craftsmanship and Heritage
Two years ago (2022) we started working on the idea of a handcrafted artisan bread knife. Ever since then we have made several prototypes and crash-tested these knives to the fullest. Finally it's here and we are very proud to show it to you. Meet Kasper Kjolhede: a consummate craftsman, an artist blacksmith, and a woodworking journeyman whose passion for perfection is evident in every curve and cut of our artisan bread knives. The SIMPEL x Kjolhede bread knife represents the perfect amalgamation of traditional techniques and modern design.

Blade Description
Each knife features a traditional 3-layer laminated blade, not stainless but designed to patinate beautifully over time. The core of the blade is made from a steel known for its superior sharpness and durability. Surrounded by a soft iron outer layer, it ensures that with proper maintenance, the sharpness and quality of the blade are preserved. The uniquely waved serrations offer a seamless cutting experience, while the ergonomic curve of the blade provides a satisfying sawing motion. The blade length is 25cm.

The handle is crafted from recycled oak wood, ergonomically shaped to provide a firm and comfortable grip reminiscent of a chef’s knife. It is suitable for various gripping styles and fits well in both large and small hands. Adding to the elegance is an accent of French walnut, a dark wood that brings a touch of cognac or mahogany hue to the piece, aging gracefully over time.

Durability and Use
Designed not just for beauty, but as a workhorse, this knife is used daily in our bakery, proving its resilience and utility.

Series #0 – First Iteration
As part of our inaugural series, this knife is not just a tool-but a piece of art.

Packaging and Maintenance
Each knife comes in a handmade durable cardboard box, created in collaboration with the local historically ”Bruunshaab Cardboard Fabrique” and completed with a maintenance guide. 

Handcrafted Uniqueness
This knife is a testament to the artisanal, handcrafted processes that make each piece unique. Embrace the art of patination as your knife evolves, becoming a bespoke tool uniquely yours to pass on for generations.



Routine Cleaning and Care: Our knives are forged from high carbon steel, a material renowned for its ability to maintain an extremely sharp edge. However, high carbon steel is also prone to rust if not cared for properly. It's essential to hand-wash and dry your knife immediately after use. Apply a thin coat of cooking oil to the blade to protect against rust once in a while.

Keep the Blade Dry: Always wipe the blade dry after cutting, especially when processing wet or acidic foods, which can quickly react with the metal and cause staining. Maintaining the blade dry preserves its finish and sharpness.

Benefits of High Carbon Steel:  This material allows for superior edge retention and sharpness that is easily restored, making these knives a preferred choice for precision cutting, sharpness and preferred among knife enthusiasts.

Proper Storage and Handling: Avoid dishwashers and do not leave your knife in the sink. After use, clean your knife with mild soap and dry it with a soft towel. Store the knife on a magnetic rack or in a wooden block, not only to avoid scratches but also to display its beauty. High carbon steel knives are too beautiful to be hidden away!

Sharpening and Cutting Boards: This bread knife is easier to maintain and requires little effort to sharpen. Always use a suitable cutting board; avoid marble, which can dull your knife. Opt instead for wood or plastic boards that are gentler on the blade.

By following these guidelines, you ensure that your hand-forged high carbon steel knife remains a functional work of art in your culinary toolkit.

Artisan Bread Knife Walnut
Artisan Bread Knife Walnut Sale price3 926 SEK