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Article: What is Sourdough

What is Sourdough

What is Sourdough

Sourdough is a mixture of flour and water, ie a kind of dough that is stored from time to time after baking. It can last forever if you take good care of it and know how to store it.

To start a sourdough, you have to mix water and flour. You can appropriately mix it with your fingers, as there are always wild yeasts on the skin, in the air and on the outside of the shell parts of the grain. Then leave it for 2-3 days, with a cloth or lid on. After the first few days, you will be able to begin to sense a smell and see some activity. Then you have to start feeding it. Along the way, at some point it will smell very strange, but do not despair and continue feeding.
We always feed the sourdough with equal parts water and flour. The better you become at maintaining your sourdough and keeping it fresh, the better leavening it will get as the concentration of wild yeast strains will grow.

In the sourdough culture, one finds a concentration of several bacteria, i.a. lactic acid and not least yeasts. Ordinary conventional yeast consists of 1-3 yeast fungi, whereas sourdough can be over 100 different. The sourdough contains many different microorganisms and therefore also gives the bread a much more nuanced character.

We bake exclusively without yeast in all our breads and if your sourdough is in top shape, you only need the sourdough to give leavening power and flavor. If you are new to sourdough baking, you can always use a little bit of yeast in combination with the sourdough - then you are sure that the bread will rise. You will not experience the same deep taste and the same textures as with a pure sourdough bread.

Sour dough has a very low pH value and therefore it also gives an absolutely incredible shelf life to the bread. The combination of this and the high amount of water in sourdough bread makes it easy to get it reheated and almost as good as new.

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Jeg har næsten set alke dine optagelser med surdej og klargøring af dej. Super gode film💪😉
Jeg undre mig over at din surdej er så lys… Og at jeg ikke kan finde en opskrift på den.. Jeg har en med og uden rug..og ellers opbygget på hvedemel og groft hvedemel.
Hilsen Inge

Inge Risum

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